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NEFF Behind the Door – Integrated Appliances


Whether it’s washing dishes, lightening the laundry load or keeping your food as fresh as possible, NEFF have appliances to make life easier. NEFF’s integrated appliances do all the hard work behind the door so you don’t have to; working tirelessly and quietly in the background, you can enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with friends and family… carefree. NEFF are proud to be the built in appliance experts and offer range of flexible refrigeration to fit any space, quiet yet powerful dishwashers designed to save water and large 8kg capacity, energy efficient washing machines.

The NEFF integrated appliances range is a liberating force for our Cookaholics. These high quality cooling, dishwashing and laundry appliances fit seamlessly into premium kitchens and allow our chefs more time and space to create and entertain.

They also offer all the innovation of our cookers and ovens. Water-efficient dishwashers that remove tough stains while caring for delicate crockery. Refrigeration systems that keep food fresher for
longer. High performance, high efficiency laundry systems that make sure you’re ready for your next big occasion. There’s a wealth of smart features, all discreetly hidden.

Concept17 offer a wide range of NEFF integrated appliances and can find the perfect match for you. Contact Concept17 today for more information.

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