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Bauformat certified as climate neutral manufacturers

Companies of the Baumann Group, Bauformat and Burger  have both officially been certified as “Klimaneutraler Möbelhersteller“ (climate neutral furniture manufacturers).

Both companies have been awarded the respective label by the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (German Furniture Quality Association – DGM)

The aim of the Baumann Group is not only to reduce CO2 emissions but to compensate for them and have a positive carbon footprint.

The DGM Climate Pact for the Furniture Industry supports the climate goals of the German Federal Government and the United Nations. By way of a professional analysis of the partaking company the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during furniture production and related processes is determined. Then, operative processes can be optimised to improve the carbon footprint and a compensating contribution towards climate protection can be made.

Matthias Berens, the baumann group’s Managing Director, says: „Acting in an eco-conscious manner first of all means actually getting conscious about the status quo and your own share in it. After all, the saying that “recognition is the first step toward improvement” has its reason. Thanks to the climate protection consultation we underwent in the certification process we now know how much carbon dioxide we produce and how we can minimise the emission of greenhouse gases at BAUFORMAT and burger. And: We get the opportunity to make a compensating contribution with regards to the global carbon footprint and to do good in a sustainable way. This, in turn, is in keeping with our self-understanding as a future-oriented company that assumes social responsibility.”

By participating in the DGM’s Climate Pact BAUFORMAT and burger support projects in Africa and South America. More specifically: The baumann group is getting involved in reforestation in Uruguay, invests in hydropower in Uganda and promotes local mountain forest projects with the aim to retain biodiversity and stabilise the eco system. Since the positive result exceeds the amount of greenhouses gases produced in the manufacturing process, the kitchen family not only manages to keep its carbon footprint as small as possible, but to more than fully compensate it, resulting in a positive footprint. A nice side effect here is the strengthening of the infrastructure on location in the supported countries.

Congratulation to the baumann group and that is why here at Concept17 we are proud partners with Bauformat.

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