NEFF Venting HOB

NEFF – All New Venting Hob

Concept17 are a proud supplier of NEFF kitchen appliances. Offering a mixture of style and function NEFF appliances are built from quality materials and the newest technology.

Highlighting NEFF drive for innovation in the kitchen, they have just announced a new 2 in 1 – HOB & Extractor combination that is perfect for kitchen islands with no room for bulky extractor hoods above, or if you just want that sleek kitchen but still with an effective extraction system.

If you are interested in more NEFF products see our NEFF Appliances.


Introducing the FlexInduction Venting Hob from NEFF.
This one-of-a-kind appliance seamlessly blends powerful extraction with the ultimate hob control.
What’s more, the cast iron features also double up as pan rests.

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